Bargain Servicing – You Get What You Pay For!

Have you been tempted by an offer to have your vehicle (decently) serviced for less than a thousand rand? Tempting, indeed, especially in times when money is tight. Having your vehicle serviced for that small amount, does not sound very valid, and if something sounds too good to be true, it most probably is not true at all.

A decent vehicle service will entail various tasks that qualified mechanics must undertake, such as the replacement of various components and liquids. Having all of this done, cost money, and when you calculate any labour costs into this, then there is no way you will get off that easy. Something bogus is surely going on, and you may be sure that you will receive exactly what you are paying for. Do yourself a favour and do some research regarding prices for quality multi grade oil, recognized brand name oil filters, spark plugs and air filters, and you will see that it is impossible to have a decent vehicle service without paying for what you get. If you want pirate parts and petrol-cleaned filters, then choose the less-than-a-thousand rand service, but be sure that will cut corners in the process. This is not what we want you to do because we care about your safety.

You have to ask yourself a few more questions when considering going the budget route. Do my vehicle have insurance while mechanics work on it? Are these mechanics and technicians well trained? Will the job be done to the correct specification? Are they using the correct tools? Does the workmanship and parts come with a warranty? Right down to the smallest details such as if my vehicle are going to washed and vacuumed before I collect it.

At Steves Auto Clinic we are 100% sure of the quality and service we are delivering to our customers, so feel free to get a quote on exactly what you are paying for when you book your vehicle into one of our branches countrywide.


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