Unichip Functions

Why Choose Unichip And SAC

Now, more than ever, the market is flooded with suppliers that are offering cheap chip tuning; they also tend to make unbelievable claims of power and torque increases. You should take claims such as these not only lightly, but also with much suspicion. You should also make some effort and try to establish from where claimants such as those, operate from. Do they even operate from out of a workshop, where they have adequate technology to test these products and have the authority to make these claims? It may be highly likely that such claimants operate from their homes or offices and arm themselves with nothing more than a laptop.

We can also make seemingly “unbelievable” claims but the huge difference is that our “unbelievable” claims are very much believable because not only time, but also our expertise, our state of the art machinery, and our highly trained mechanics and technicians, proved our claims very true. In the more than 35 years in the motor vehicle enhancement business, we have seen it all and we have heard claims that made the hair on our necks raise. Be vigilant and verify vehicle enhancement claims; most of the claims you read about nowadays are not realistic or even possible in an everyday reliable type of way via chip tuning alone.

SAC is an open book when it comes to supplying you with verified information on the following questions:

How can I get reliable power? How can I choose the best workshop? How can I choose the most suitable performance upgrade for my vehicle? Will I be tuning my vehicle with an unbeatable piece of technology? In order to make a rational choice when it comes to buying an enhancement product, we are here to give you the relevant information to enable you to do just that. Our webpage are full of information laden snippets on these topics; make sure to have a look and empower yourself on the topic.

We at SAC think that it will be wise to ask any supplier of a Unichip related product the questions posted here. If you get a more satisfying answer than the ones we supply, then it will be nothing but fair that you support that supplier’s business, but we at SAC are convinced that we cannot be beaten because we ARE THE BEST and MOST EXPERIENCED in the automotive enhancement business.

1. How long have you been in business?

  • SAC celebrates more than 35 years in the performance enhancement business. This means we have built up a wealth of experience over the years and are the masters at adapting to an ever-changing industry in order to remain the leaders.

2. Who will be working on my vehicle?

  • SAC only employ the most highly skilled mechanics and technicians that are constantly upgraded with the latest methods and tuning techniques.

3. What equipment do you use?

  • SAC makes use of the latest state of the art workshop tools, diagnostic equipment and all our branches are equipped with dynamometers to measure your vehicles accurately with regard to before and after power gains. We work on scientific data, not on guesswork.

4. Do you have any experience on my particular vehicle?

  • We have experience on a massive range of vehicles and SAC is the only independent workshop group in the country to have a dedicated Research and Development Centre, so you can assure yourself that before we offer you a product we have thoroughly tried and tested it first.

5. Do you have any proof of the claimed power improvement or any references I can use to confirm this?

  • At SAC we don’t just rely on talk to sell our products, we are one of the few workshops that have our own development vehicles, and these vehicles are then independently road tested to bring you the real deal when it comes to knowing exactly what you will get when dealing with us. You may also consider clicking here, where you can see an extensive list of approximate power gains before and after chip installation.

6. Do you offer a warranty on your products and workmanship?

  • All the work at SAC is not only AA Quality Assured, but we also offer a 6 Month / 20 000 km “Why Worry Warranty” that is free of charge.

7. What happens if something goes wrong?

  • All the work at SAC is not only AA Quality Assured, but we also offer a 6 Month / 20 000 km “Why Worry Warranty” that is free of charge..

8. So why Unichip then?

  • Unichip is a proudly South African developed and manufactured product used with great success all over the world. It allows the tuner to alter the fuel, timing, boost, speed limiters and other parameters of your vehicle in real time and in an accurate manner on the dyno.
  • Real time is the most important part as we have unique altitudes and weather issues in South Africa. Altitude can change from high to low within a moment and the temperature can be freezing cold in the morning to extremely hot in the afternoon. These conditions will affect the way in which your vehicle performs.
  • Fuel is also very important; we have a lower grade of fuel available at our petrol pumps. It is available in 93 and 95 octane only; this differs from the fuel available in Europe, where 98 and 102 octane is available. Overseas-based tuning maps often do not take into account the massive difference this makes when tuning a vehicle for the South African market. This results in many vehicles in South African being over-tuned and the owners then have to resort to using expensive fuel octane boosters and/or water methanol injection kits to try to keep their vehicle’s engines together.
  • The Unichip also offers you the convenience and versatility of having a multiple map option, depending on the Unichip you fit. You can have your vehicle tuned for everyday fuel economy and have it set up for towing, or outright performance on say the drag strip.
  • It is possible to move the Unichip from one vehicle to another, irrespective of petrol or diesel vehicle. A trained specialist should do this at a workshop. Depending on the Unichip fitted, you can even simply plug it out and refit it where and when you want to, as one of our Plug and Play units.

The bottom line with tuning and chip tuning in particular, is that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is and you should really shop around before you turn your vehicle into something that you can’t live with on a daily basis or even worse, risk a costly engine failure!