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Choosing the Best Workshop

We all want the best and mostly this is relatively easy to achieve; you walk into a store and buy the product you have seen advertised the most, or you simply choose the product you believe to be the best. Consider what happens when it comes to the complicated process of choosing somebody to look after your vehicle? It is far from a simple process because your vehicle is after all the second biggest purchase you will make after buying your home. You should therefore be asking the automotive workshops that will work on your vehicle, some serious questions before handing it over to them, hoping that your car will be treated well and receive the services you require. So here is a list of points to ponder before you take this potentially expensive plunge into the unknown.

Branches Situated Countrywide

Having branches nationwide, gives you coverage almost no matter where you are, be it on holiday and you have a problem that needs urgent attention or should you simply want to book a service at the most convenient outlet, we have you covered.

Comprehensive Insurance

Who ever thinks of this when taking their car to a workshop? Many assume that the chosen establishment will have cover for your car while under their care, but you would be wrong. Sure, you could start legal proceedings in the hope of one day getting your car repaired or replaced should something go wrong, but with SAC this is not a concern because unlike many aftermarket workshops that don’t have this expensive cover, we most certainly do.

Courtesy Vehicles

Nothing can be worse than booking your car in and then having the inconvenience of not being able to get around while it is being worked on. All SAC branches have courtesy vehicles that are available; they simply need to be is booked in advance in order to make use of this service. Going even further in the quest to bring you unparalleled service, SAC offer you a ‘collect and deliver’ service – we will collect your car and deliver it back to you when the job is done; once again, booking is important in securing this service.

Petrol and Diesel Experts

Is it getting closer to the point where you have to book in your vehicle for a service or repair? We can assure you that SAC are experts in working on, servicing, and tuning both petrol and diesel vehicles. We have more than 35 years of experience in the industry, and this is a fact that slick and fancy marketing cannot replace.

Maintenance and Performance Enhancement

SAC are not only service technicians merely trained to replace service parts; we employ the country’s leading motoring personnel and are able to offer you comprehensive advice on maintenance matters while also being able to extract reliable horsepower from your vehicle.

Dynamometer Testing

Adding further to their credibility, all our work can be validated and power checked as all SAC branches have 2 wheel and some have 4 wheel dynamometers to back up our performance work and ultimately do away with any guesswork when it comes to getting the best out of your vehicle.

AA Quality Assured

All SAC branches are AA quality assured and this means that a very high level of independent standards have to be maintained in order for the branch to continue receiving this prestigious motoring industry approval.

6 Month / 20 000 km ‘Why Worry Warranty’

You have been through all of this, you are confident that you are getting the best care you can at SAC, and now finally have had something done to your vehicle; but what if something should go wrong? Do you hope that the workshop you dealt with will entertain you and what will the extra cost to you be now? Well, you need not fear, SAC are so confident in the quality and reliability of the workmanship they provide, that they offer – as standard on all work they do – a no nonsense, 6 month / 20 000 km ‘Why Worry Warranty’ for absolute peace of mind.

Courtesy Lounges

Sometimes you won’t be booking in your car, you might just be popping in to have something looked at and it is nice to know that you will be accommodated in a pleasant waiting-room facility and not be left awkwardly standing around the workshop.

Electronic and Online Enquiry Opportunities

SAC is also at the forefront of internet technology and not only boast one of the busiest, but also one of the most informative and technically comprehensive websites in the country. Besides being able to find out anything you want to know about servicing, maintaining, tuning, to even upgrading the power on your car, and everything in between, you are able to easily send an automatic email enquiry to your nearest outlet and receive a detailed response or quote to any query you have without even leaving your house or office. So perhaps now you too can see why Steves Auto Clinic has been the industry leader in the aftermarket workshop customer care and service industry for the past 35 years. They are clearly streets ahead of the competition and have your best interests at heart.


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