Out-of-warranty car repairs and service centres

Beat the high cost of servicing your “out-of-warranty or motor-plan” vehicle

Do you stick to servicing your vehicle regularly? Does it happen – as it so usually tend to do – that prior to a service interval, some other financial strain crosses your path? The lawnmower decides to part this world, an unexpected school tour takes a bite out of your budget, or a falling tree damaged your roof! These things do happen, yet you still have to service your vehicle.

An out-of-warranty service may be a costly exercise and you may feel that your service costs are going to cover the service costs of other vehicles serviced under a service plan. You may wonder:

Do I have an alternative?

You surely do. You can go to that service shop behind the fuel station. Before you do that, ask yourself the question if they will have all the modern diagnostic equipment, the right oil and the right set of tools to loosen, tighten and tune everything to specifications on your modern bakkie, SUV, vehicle or station wagon. What if something negligent happens with your vehicle, will they have the capital and character to fix what they have done wrong?

Steves Auto Clinic (SAC) has serviced out of warranty vehicles for over 35 years. Our national network of independently owned centres will service petrol and diesel vehicles across all brands and we share our insights on wear-and-tear patterns, service solutions, diagnostic challenges and fine-tuning on a world-class dealer support platform. Our access to modern diagnostic equipment and a full understanding of engine management systems and error codes gives us the advantage you are looking for. It is important to note that all SAC service centres can service injectors, cam belts, clutches, etc. We also have SAC Engineering – the cylinder head specialists – so no part of this work needs to leave the dealer to go to an unknown third party.

SAC has one of the longest uninterrupted Automobile Association Quality Approved (AAQA) accreditations and we are part of the Retail Motor Industry (RMI). You can rest assure that our workmanship is guaranteed.