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Unichip + Power Plug Frequently asked Questions:

The U-Connect Power Plug intercepts the signals from the engine’s sensors and allows a qualified specialist to alter and enhance the ECU’s original pre-set MAP.

These modifications allow the engine to reach its full potential in terms of power, fuel consumption and drivability. Contact an SAC Branch near you about a Power Plug for your vehicle.

The U-Connect Power Plug is fitted by qualified tuners using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) ECU connectors specific to your vehicle model. You simply unplug the vehicle’s wiring harness from the ECU, plug the vehicle’s harness into the Power Plug and plug the Power Plug harness into the ECU.

Currently, it is the only unit on the market with the capability to intercept and modify all sensors and actuator signal circuits.

For additional performance enhancement, the U-Connect Power Plug is the only unit that can be individually tuned to your vehicle while live on a dynamometer.

This means that a specialist can achieve an ECU MAP specifically optimised to your vehicle.

The U-Connect Power Plug is also re-programmable, so when any modifications are made to your vehicle, (i.e. exhaust, camshaft, etc.) the Power Plug can be re-mapped to adjust the ECU’s parameters to take full advantage of these alterations.

This will only involve a further rolling road session to optimise your engine’s settings once again.

For additional safety, these U-Connect Power Plugs can be fitted with their own exhaust gas and coolant temperature sensors that continually monitor and if necessary alter the fuelling to safeguard the engine. If you have any further inquiries, please contact an Expert at your nearest SAC branch.

Most other diesel plug products only adjust the fuel quantity. The speed or load of the engine is rarely taken into account during this adjustment and they are incapable of adjusting the point of fuel injection.

These limited scopes of adjustment leads to an inability to control smoke output, critical combustion temperatures and pressures.

DASTEK are able to alter the fuel quantity and injection timing of over 476 individual points of the engine speed while live, and it can load MAPS to provide the optimum combination of performance, economy and safety.

This is done using a rolling road dynamometer, a device which accurately measures your vehicle’s power to 1/10 horsepower, and precisely monitoring these critical temperatures, pressures and smoke emissions.

For U-Connect Plug & Play pricing options,  visit an SAC branch near you.

The electronic tuning of diesel and petrol engines is comparable in that only the fuel amount and point of ignition is altered.

The ignition point is determined by the spark plug firing in a petrol engine and the point of fuel injection in a diesel engine.

To ensure engine safety, the amount of fuel injected at any particular time is crucial. Too little fuel for a petrol engine and conversely too much for a diesel engine can lead to problems.

In terms of fuel quantity, the optimum power output for a petrol engine always corresponds to a safe fuel amount, however for a diesel engine the optimum power output occurs well beyond the engine’s safety point.

When manufacturers develop their ECU’s, they must make compromises that take into account the production and operating variations of the vehicle.

No two vehicles are the same. Due to production tolerances and depending on where and how the vehicles are used and due to varying driving styles, they may experience different climatic conditions, fuel quality, service intervals, etc.

Taking all of these factors into account results in a manufacturer’s pre-set MAP which isn’t optimum for the region of use.

If you have any questions related to Power Plug improvements for your vehicle contact one of our experts at anSAC Branch near you.

These are less complex than you may have been led to believe. The simple fact is a diesel engine only needs air and fuel to operate.

Given that the air consumption of the engine is governed by mechanical factors such as the cylinder head and manifold design, the only adjustments that can be made electronically by means of the chip, are the amount of fuel injected and the point at which the fuel is injected.

When comparing a Unichip based product (tuned by SAC), it is important to know that you get what you pay for. In the following data, it is clear that an SAC tuned Unichip is by far the more superior tuning product. We can therefore not talk or compare prices while neglecting to identify the benefits or advantages of an SAC tuned Unichip, compared to other chips.

If we talk results, gains and claims, SAC has always maintained that reliable power needs to be achieved. The only way to know whether you achieved reliable power is by way of measurement, done with state of the art equipment on a chassis dynamometer. Turbo charged diesel or petrol vehicles could easily have power gains that render the engine unreliable or overstressed, not to mention being unpleasant to drive.

You can read more at https://steves.co.za/tuned-uni-chip-plug-play/

The ultimate result is, “once removed” there will be no footprint or trace of the original installation at all. Unlike other systems, there is no tampering with the vehicle’s ECU or wiring.

The Plug ‘n Play system evolved over many years to become a universal tuning tool that can simply be connected via a specially constructed harness that requires no cutting or soldering of wires. This harness connects to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) equipment with excellent adaptability and functionality.

Most modern vehicles are electronically controlled. The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) suits World Markets and have certain tolerances.

The U-Connect Power Plug is a highly developed, re-programmable piggyback microcomputer that works in conjunction with the Engine Management System (EMS), already fitted to engines of most modern vehicles. Its aim is to improve engine efficiency, power and fuel consumption.

The U-Connect Power Plug is capable of interacting with your vehicle’s ECU to optimize the air/fuel mixture, timing, boost and injector pressures under various loads and driving conditions.

If you are not tuning your vehicle with a Plug ‘n Play System, you are not unleashing the full potential of your vehicle. You are also not making use of the wide range of performance options this powerful tuning tool allows you in being number one on the drag strip or simply having a more drivable vehicle that uses less fuel on the journey to work and back each day.

The U-Connect Plug ‘n Play System has been programmed specifically to enhance your vehicle’s performance under tough conditions, taking into consideration all relevant factors.

At SAC, performance-tuning specialists, we are able to offer extraordinary levels of expertise in Unichip serial port tuning, conversions, modifications & upgrades with guaranteed results.

To find out more, contact an SAC branch near you and prepare yourself to be blown away at what is on offer at a highly competitive price?


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