Steve’s Auto Clinic Commercial Bakkie And SUV Service Centre

Tailor-made For All Your Vehicle Service Needs

To get to and from work, you rely on your vehicle. What happens in the event of your vehicle breaking down, making it difficult or even impossible to get to and from your workplace? Commuters should ensure to have their vehicles regularly serviced – as part of preventative maintenance.

Such preventative maintenance is also applicable on vehicle owners with warranties; usually owners must show that they’ve performed preventative maintenance on the manufacturer’s recommended schedule in order for their warranty to be honoured.

Car enthusiasts should also have their vehicle serviced at a reputable workshop, preferably at one of SAC’s workshops; we will ensure that your vehicle run at peak performance because our technicians are familiar with the make and model of your vehicle.

Steve’s Auto Clinic group has proven itself as a forerunner in the field of proper vehicle maintenance. Find a workshop in your area. As an auto service and repair group, we assist clients to keep their vehicles running at their best. We do this by performing preventative maintenance, general repairs and safety checks. If you are in need of a trustworthy and certified professional technician to perform a bakkie/SUV service, then no need to look any further.

Our state-of-the art facilities also make use of not diagnostic and repair equipment that provides a great deal of comfort when faced with any service request. As specialists in the field of servicing bakkies and SUV’s, no task is too great for us to handle. If your vehicle is in need of a service, we can accommodate your vehicle’s every need and desire. When we conduct a service, you can rest assure that we only use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and manufacturer-approved parts. Such an assurance brings peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will receive the parts it is intended to receive. To add to this, your vehicle will be in the hands of technicians who will treat your vehicle in the same manner that we treat our vehicle owners.

SAC’s doors are always open to you for all your bakkie and SUV needs. Turn to us for any routine maintenance, be it a simple oil change to a more complex service or auto repair work.

Fleet Service Specialists

In the hands of SAC, the Commercial Service industry has reached an unparalleled level of maturity – a remarkable story given that Steve’s Auto Clinic was originally launched as a small tuning shop in Vanderbijlpark in 1983.

Right from the outset SAC followed a firm and strict set of principles which have proven to be conducive to both the growth of the company as well as the building of everlasting relationships with our valued customers.

10 branches have been established countrywide – more are on the way – with specialised divisions that focus on product development, engineering, manufacturing, trucks and bakkie/SUV servicing.

Among the founding principles, for instance, is the fact that every vehicle is considered to be a prized possession and a means of living for its owner. The reliability of every vehicle passing through our doors is of utmost importance. From day one SAC realised that reliability – as a concept – was synonymous with bakkies and SUV’s. As such we ensure that every vehicle receives VIP treatment.

Unlike some players in this industry, SAC will not involve itself with customer vehicle experimentation. SAC has a team of well-trained technical staff who are truly experts in their respective fields, and this continues to have a significant contribution to the franchise’s credibility in the marketplace. We pride ourselves in employing the very best people available in all branches of the SAC group. In a market riddled with service centre providers, the focus can easily be on turnover and profit, but we at SAC choose to focus on giving the customer and the customer’s vehicle a service that will leave an everlasting, positive experience.