Cylinder Head Conversions, Upgrades & Modifications

The SAC Power Strategy

Engine conversions have come a long way from the days of the backyard tuner who would bolt on a high-lift camshaft and a drainpipe exhaust for instant horsepower.

Today’s engine conversions are the result of many hours of research and development, using sophisticated test equipment to monitor not only power output but also real-life drivability of the vehicle.

All SAC conversions offer the best possible combination of torque and power throughout the rev range, in order to provide a uniform power gain which is usable under everyday driving conditions. Contact your local SAC service provider about cylinder head conversion options.

Smooth idling, efficient cold starting and normal operating temperatures remain unaffected by an SAC conversion, and the good news is that the engine life is not adversely affected at all – quite the contrary, in fact.

With over 20 000 conversions on the road, many of which have covered in excess of 100 000km’s, Steve’s Auto Clinic is confident that reliability and longevity are of the highest possible order.


The Conversion Misconception

Most people seem to think that a cylinder head conversion means fitting a different head to a vehicle or modifying the original one beyond recognition, turning a perfectly running leisure vehicle into a racecar or an unreliable, lumpy idling impossible to drive, monster of a vehicle.

Unfortunately this does happen out there but we at SAC have a completely different approach.