Quality Intermediate Vehicle Service

If you are searching for a trusted and professional bakkie/vehicle service centre near you, rely on the best in the business for assistance. Steves Auto Clinic has built an outstanding reputation amongst our clients as a top choice when it comes to bakkie/vehicle service centres in South Africa. Steves Auto Clinic has been in the Automotive industry for many years, during which we have gained extensive experience in all bakkie/vehicle related services – this includes servicing, maintenance, repairs, and of course our speciality – performance enhancement. With Steves Auto Clinic branches in many cities in South Africa, there is no reason why you too can’t take your bakkie/vehicle to Steves Auto Clinic for a service.

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What is included in SAC’s quality intermediate vehicle service:

  • Inspect vehicle for scratches and other damages
  • Inspect brake and all warning lights on dash
  • Check all lights
  • Check hooter, wiper operation & condition of blades
  • Check brake & clutch pedal for squeaks & adjustment
  • Check for grass in the radiator
  • Lubricate all latches & hinges
  • Check Window washer fluid
  • Check Battery & terminals
  • Check Hydraulic fluid levels
  • Check cooling system levels and leaks
  • Inspect fan belts
  • Change all filters
  • Inspect accelerator pedal for full throttle opening
  • Inspect cambelt
  • Inspect brakes & handbrake operation
  • All grease nipples serviced
  • Sump plug tightened and wiped
  • Start-up vehicle check for oil leaks
  • Check all tyre pressure (Spare wheel included)
  • Check aircon
  • Check gearbox lever & oil leaks
  • Check diff level & side shaft oil leaks