How many of you still take your vehicle to an automotive dealership for a service, repairs or maintenance work purely out of habit or under the mistaken belief that they are the only ones who can work on your vehicle and that you are completely covered and that they will look well after your vehicle there?

The media is full of shocking news about a lack of service received by clients within the motor service industry. It is true that this kind of service can rear its head at any automotive workshop and within any franchise, and this does not exclude Steves Auto Clinic. We at SAC strive towards service excellence; you may rest assured that each and every SAC branch countrywide is owner managed and as such the entire operation is 100% hands-on from the first moment of contact with us, up to the point where the job is done and you leave as a satisfied customer (and don’t forget the courtesy call).

Has your vehicle’s warranty ended? Has the service plan finally expired? Do you still find yourself taking your vehicle to the same dealership regardless of the level of service you receive or even the cost of that service? It takes a long time to break a habit, but all you need to do to set yourself on the road to recovery is to give your local SAC branch a call and they will instantly take care of all your motoring needs and requirements. SAC work on most makes of vehicles; we employ the highest trained technicians and mechanics; we use state of the art equipment and all our work is backed-up with a 6 month / 20 000 km “Why Worry Warranty”. SAC is also an AA quality assured provider and we have courtesy vehicles on booking to assist you whenever you are without a vehicle during the period your vehicle is under our care. We also have comprehensive insurance for your vehicle while it is in our care, so you do have an alternative to your current option if you are not one of our valued clients. SAC is proud to proclaim that our customers choose us because they want to and not because a condition of warranty or any reason other than their own free will, force them to do so.

Your vehicle is usually the second biggest asset you purchase or finance apart from your home; make sure that when you let your vehicle out from under your control, it will be in capable hands. If you do not do this, then your choice may be a costly one!